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When Construction Cranes get Christmas Lights

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In Mark O’Rowe’s feverish 2007 drama, Terminus, there is an image of a man dangling from one of the multitude of construction cranes on the Dublin skyline.  The crane became an icon of construction-fuelled Celtic Tiger Ireland.

The post below conjures the nostalgic image of Christmas festive lights on a construction crane smiling warmly down on those below.

Would that this image was a warm and reassuring one for those on this island.

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When construction cranes get Christmas lights on them

They’re not selling anything.

Nope, Christmas lights on construction cranes just smile down on the city and cover us all in a warm and festive light. Flickering in the sky, flashing way up high, they hug us all together in a friendly yellow glow.

On top of that, it’s sort of fun thinking about how they got there too. Doesn’t it seem kind of dangerous? It’s like someone risked their lives just putting up lights for the people.

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