Writing Selection

‘Maria’ in Mining Memories, Writing.ie.

‘Milk Bottles in Limerick’ in New Hibernia Review.

‘Women and the Achill Mission Colony’ in Irish Story.

‘January Winds’ on RTE Sunday Miscellany.

Night of the Big Wind in Achill, The Western People.

‘Controversial Mission’ in The Irish Times Irishwoman’s Diary.

‘America to Galway’ in Watching My Hands at WorkA Festschrift for Adrian Frazier ..

‘The Veiled Island Woman’ in Loose Leaves , Unbound Press Literary Competition Anthology.

‘Blackberries, Butterfly Wings and Minsky Moments’ in Days Like This from Scottish Book Trust.

‘Fatal Rescue Attempt’ Annagh Magazine.

BBC Northern Ireland ‘Days Like This’

A Literary Day in Manhattan’ in Verbal Magazine.

‘Rose and Purple Colours on the Sea: John Millington Synge in Mayo’ in Cathair na Mart.

‘Irish Stage Poets’ in Verbal Magazine.

‘Fairytales, Scripture and Stage Delirium’ in The Journal, Australia.

‘Synge & Mayo’ in Verbal Magazine.


Historical Pieces

‘Women and the Achill Mission Colony’ at Heinrich Boll Memorial Weekend, Achill.

‘Weapons of his own Forging: Edward Nangle, controversial in life and in death’, The Irish Story.

‘Achill Island 1912: A Microcosm of Swirling Political Movements’ in Irish Story.

‘Paul Henry in Achill’ in Irish Story.

‘Talk, Gossip, Yarns & Anecdotes: Folklore surrounding James Lynchehaun of Achill’ in Cathair na Mart.

‘Filming Inishkea Whaling Station 1908’ in Irish Story.

‘Teller of Tales: An Insight into the Life and Times of Brother Paul Carney (1844-1928)’ in the Journal of the Galway Archeological and Historical Society.

Book Reviews

Haunted Ireland by Taqruin Blake in Books Ireland.

Red Sky in Morning by Paul Lynch in Writing.ie .

‘Playboys, Demons and  the Last Kick of a Tiger: Irish Theater in 2007’ in New Hibernia Review (theatre review).

J. M. Synge, Travelling Ireland: Essays 1898-1908, Ed. Nicholas Grene  in the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies .

The Ulster Literary Theatre and the Northern Revival by Eugene McNulty in Verbal Magazine.

‘Walking with Yeats on Cave Hill: Alice Milligan and the Irish Cultural Revival at NLI’  in the Irish Story (review of NLI exhibition)

Representations of Gender and Female Subjectivity in Contemporary Irish Drama by Women, by Maria Kurdi in the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies.

The Remarkable Wilde Family Through the Generations by Gerard Hanbery in the Journal of Galway History & Archaeology Society (book review)

Boycott: There are many ways to fight a war by Colin C Murphy in Writing.ie.



Poetry Collection Unstable Time.

‘Savior Bird’ in Southword.

‘Ancestors’ in The SHOp.

‘Albion Street Old Trafford in the Summer Sun’ in The Stony Thursday Book.

‘Out of Sequence’ in Moloch.

‘Unstable Time’ in Virtual Writer.

‘Tales’ in Swarthmore Literary Review.

‘Descent’ in Cathach

‘Two of Us’ in Revival.

‘Our Father’ in Ouroboros Review.


‘Generations’ in Boyne Berries.

‘In the Beginning’ and ‘The Method’ in Town of Fiction by the Atlantis Collective.

‘Opera Time’ in Boyne Berries 14.

‘Raw-Red’ in FLOSCA Prize-winners Anthology.

‘The Priest and the Playboy’ in Verbal Magazine.

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