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The Achill Mission Colony and the rise of narrative nonfiction

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The Achill Mission Colony and the rise of narrative nonfiction
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Surviving the Famine on Achill Island – Tinteán

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Surviving the Famine on Achill Island – Tinteán
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Conflict and the Colony

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BOOKS ‘The Preacher And The Prelate’ is a riveting read about the impact of Rev Edward Nangle on Achill Island life during famine times
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Making Facts Dance

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My piece in the current edition of here describes the path I travelled in writing my nonfiction book The Veiled Woman of Achill and the challenge of staying true to the facts of the story while building a compelling narrative around the 1894 dark events at the Valley House, Achill.



Outrage on Achill

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Outrage on Achill.

Delighted to get this review of The Veiled Woman of Achill by Aine Ryan in the Mayo News:

 The Veiled Woman of Achill

The Veiled Woman of Achill

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I have been absent from this blog while getting the book over the finish line. The Veiled Woman of Achill will be published by the Collins Press in April. There will be a launch in my home city of Limerick in late April and a launch / reading at the Valley House, Achill in early May.

True or False

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This is a true story | A guide to reading narrative nonfiction.

It was good to come across this blog for readers of Creative Nonfiction.  While aimed at readers, it’s packed with useful resources, tips and links for the nonfiction writer.

I’m wrestling at the moment with my manuscript that is based on true events and deals with a West of Ireland  historical crime in the nineteenth century. The research is done and the task now is to dramatise the story using fiction techniques.

This blog is helping me through the maze. Read more here.

Interested in hearing from any writers out there who are working through a creative nonfiction story.

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