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Patricia Byrne is a Mayo-born writer who lives in Limerick, Ireland. She writes narrative nonfiction and personal essays and is a graduate of the NUI Galway writer programme.

Her latest book The Preacher and the Prelate: The Achill Mission Colony and The Battle for Souls in Famine Ireland was published by Merrion Press in April 2018.

Her memoir essay ‘Milk Bottles in Limerick’, published in New Hibernia Review, was named one of the Notable Essays of the Year in Best American Essays 2017.

The Veiled Woman of Achill: Island Outrage and a Playboy Drama was published by The Collins Press in 2012.

Patricia’s work has featured in New Hibernia Review, The Irish Times ‘Irish Woman’s Diary’, Sunday Miscellany, Irish Story and a range of other outlets.


Editorial Reviews of The Veiled Woman of Achill

“…a s well as supplying a good deal of new information, mainly from contemporary newspaper accounts, the book presents an interesting slant on the violently sectarian atmosphere… on Achill.”  The Irish Times

“A compelling tale which has all the ingredients of a classical tragedy, framed within the wild intimacy of an isolated community.” The Mayo News

“Byrne has a good nose for a story and well-honed powers of description.” The Sunday Times

“The gruesome tale of the ‘real’ Playboy of the Western World.” Irish Independent

“Fascinating.” Ireland’s Own

“An insightful new book that lifts the veil on an Achill outrage.” Clare Champion

“One of the most fascinating and controversial stories to emerge from Co. Mayo.” Western People

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